Hands-On Standards®

Teaching Math with Manipulatives

Confidently Teach Math with Manipulatives to Build Problem Solving Skills!

Introducing the NEW Hands-On Standards Solution
(Available for Grades K-2: January 2021)

Hands-On Standards is designed to deepen understanding of key math concepts using manipulatives and scaffolded lessons to seamlessly transition from the concrete to the abstract.

  • NEW Mini Lesson Format! Embedded differentiation and EL support.
  • NEW Problem Solfing Routine! A progressing series of problem types focused around key grade level skills.
  • NEW Manipulatives Added! New manipulatives like the Number Line Clock help students master rigorous standards.
  • NEW Student Pages! Student pages aligned to lessons included online. (Available in Spanish)
  • NEW Intervention Lessons! 20 targeted lessons that match the mini-lesson format and include assessment and progress monitoring tools.
hands on standards

Hands-On Standards reinforces key, grade-level math concepts and helps students deepen their understanding with hands-on manipulatives and activities.

Daily Problem Solving

What is it? A year long daily routine focused on problem solving and critical thinking skills. Each week students solve a progressing series of problem types aligned to key math skills. Includes 180 double sided cards, 36 videos, and correlating student pages.

Why it works: Develops problem-solving skills that allow students to successfully solve and understand multistep problems in any situation.

Math Mini Lessons

What is it? Supplemental 15-30 minute, hands-on lessons that easily incorporate the use of manipulatives. Includes embedded support, formative assessment questions, and student pages for each lesson. 42 lessons per grade.

Why it works: Students build a deeper understanding of key math concepts by using manipulatives as they progress through Concrete-Representational-Abstract lessons.

Math Intervention

Number and Operations | Geometry, Measurement and Data | Fractions

What is it? 20 targeted, scaffolded lessons that mirror the layout of the math mini lessons and focus on the use of manipulatives. Includes unit assessments and progress monitoring.

Why it works: Teachers can easily reinforce concepts with lessons designed to deepen understanding and increase proficiency for students at any ability level.

Learning at Home

What is it? 6 weeks of daily practice and games aligned to grade-level concepts. Includes an activity book with embedded parent support and manipulatives.

Why it works: Hands-on activities engage learners in quality skills practice that reinforces key concepts and bridges the gap between school and home. Keep families engage in learning!

Hands-On Standards - Sample 90-Minute Math Block
Focus Time Resource
Warm-up 10-15 Minutes Daily Problem Solving
Whole Group Mini Lessons 20-30 Minutes Math Mini Lessons
Intervention & Centers 30-45 Minutes

Math Intervention:

Number & Operations

Geometry, Measurement & Data

Close & Reflect 5 Minutes  
At-Home Learning
Focus Time Resource
Family Engagement 15-30 Minutes Learning at Home Math Kits

Available Components & Configurations

hands-on lessons

Hands-on Lessons

Hands-on activities that use manipulatives to drive genuine understanding of challenging mategmatics concepts.

small group kits

Small Group Kits

Availavle for each Hands-On STandards Teacher Guide (sold separately) with enough materials for 4 students.

classroom kits

Classroom Kits

Kit includes a Teacher Guide as well as enough hands-on manipulatives for up to 24 students.

Hands-On Standards (Grades 3-8)

Target challenging math standards with photo-illustrated lesson plans

Hands-on Standards focuses on the most challenging topics for students and uses manipulatives to help deepen their understanding of math concepts. Step-by-step, photo-illustrated guides reinforce teachers' content knowledge for ease of implementation in the classroom, enabling them to differentiate instruction in invervention, small group, and whole class situations.

hands on standards

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