Starts at Home

We know many students are home for Spring Break and extended school closures. As a company whose mission is to support teachers, inspire students, engage parents and champion learning by doing, hand2mind is proud to offer resources that help the learning continue at home. From downloadable lessons and virtual manipulatives to a range of self-checking activity books, hand2mind offers engaging ways to support learning Math, Science, Literacy and more.

Introducing a series of free daily lessons and activities for K-5 students created and delivered by teachers. Also find preschool activities, STEM creations and more!

Make Hands-On,

Take home manipulative kits are now available!
Each kit includes essential manipulatives and
a guide for getting started.

Independent practice activity books for Math and Literacy

VersaTiles® are a puzzle like practice activity that helps kids deepen their understanding of Math and Literacy. For over 40 years, teachers have relied on VersaTiles ® for independent practice and now VersaTiles® is available for home!

  • Engaging, screen-free alternative to way to support kids at home.
  • Self-checking answer system creates a safe learning environment that increases confidence.
  • Aligned to state and national standards to support what is being taught in school.
  • Activity Books available in a variety of subjects and grade levels.

Math Support for
All Learners

Colorful and engaging math manipulatives help students better understand important math concepts.

Virtually Hands-on

Now you can use our hands-on manipulatives anywhere!

  • Web-based manipulatives are easy to use with no downloading or special software.
  • Colors match the hands-on manipulatives used in most classrooms.
  • Works on any device.

3 Weeks of Maker Stations from Brooke Brown

Use everyday household materials to make amazing creations!