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About Time Activity Set

About Time set supports students in telling time and developing time concepts.

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Item IN86969 | Grades 1-5
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Provide hands-on visual representation of units of time to help students with telling the time, identifying intervals of time, and understanding elapsed time. Unique time fraction circles work alongside the analog clock to enable students to learn to read time, set times, and visualize relationships between intervals of time and their equivalencies up to one hour. Foam fraction circles come in 1h, 30 min, 20 min, 15 min, 10 min, 5 min.


  • Support students in telling time and developing time concepts
  • Write and wipe elapsed time number line
  • Can be placed over printed paper to create a custom spinner


  • Telling Time - Explore the difference between the hour hand and minute hand.
  • Explore Time Fraction Circles - Help students understand that 1 hour is a whole unit of time.
  • Time Equivalencies to One Hour - Encourage them to find equivalents with circle pieces.
  • Rounding to the Nearest Hour/Half Hour - Compare two intervals of time and identify which is the smaller/larger amount of time.
  • Finding Elapsed Time - Practice time word problems with physical time to add and subtract.


  • Elapsed time number line
  • 24-hour activity card
  • 12 foam fraction circles
  • Teacher Guide

Area of Focus: Math
Product TypeManipulatives(Math)
Item #IN86969

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