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Daily Math Fluency Kit, Grade 7

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Item IN92417 | Grade 7
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Daily Math Fluency includes 180 days of instruction designed to develop numeracy and the ability to use mathematical relationships to reason with numbers and numerical concepts. Daily Math Fluency consists of two major components: a teacher guide with 120 Number Strings and 60 Math Talks. Students Master Fluency Strategies using Visual Models & Manipulatives.


  • Use a Friendly Number
  • Over and Adjust
  • Get to a Friendly Number
  • Give and Take
  • Removal vs. Distance
  • Find the Distance
  • Keep the Same Distance
  • Use Partial Products
  • Over and Under
  • Use Commutative Property
  • Double and Halve
  • Factor and Group Flexibility
  • Multiply Up
  • Use Quotative Division
  • Use Common Denominators
  • Partial Quotients
  • Use Proportional Reasoning
  • Scale in Tandem
  • Scale Up to Scale Down
  • Within and Between Ratios
  • Use a Friendly Percent
  • Use Unit Rate
  • Cover-Up
  • Solution-Preserving-Moves


  • 120 Number string cards
  • 60 Math Talks
  • Magnetic two-color counters
  • Magnetic Cuisenaire Rods
  • Magnetic Rainbow fraction circles with rings
  • Demonstration percent bar
  • Number line poster
  • Ratio poster
  • Picture cards
  • Durable storage tote

Area of Focus: Grade
Subject6th - 8th Grade(Grade)
Product Type6th - 8th Grade(Grade)
Item #IN92417

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