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Daily Math Fluency Kit, Grade K

Build number sense with the Daily Math Fluency Kit

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Item IN90560 | Grade K
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Daily Math Fluency includes 180 days of instruction designed to develop numeracy and the ability to use mathematical relationships to reason with numbers and numerical concepts. Daily Math Fluency consists of two major components: a teacher guide with 120 Number Strings and 60 Math Talks. Students Master Fluency Strategies using Visual Models & Manipulatives.


  • Subitizing
  • Counting on and counting back
  • Use five/use ten
  • Use doubles
  • Get to ten


Teacher Guide

Teacher Guide - 180 days of instruction - a full year of quick daily math activities.

Number Strings

Number Strings - includes 120 days worth of number strings (5 problems per day). A Number String is a set of related math problems designed to teach strategies based on number relationships.

Math Talks

Math Talks - 60 Math Talks - Elicit multiple strategies to find the answer. A Math Talk is designed to elicit multiple strategies and provide opportunities for students to reason about the relationships in the numbers and make connections in mathematics.

Demonstration Manipulatives

Demonstration Manipulatives - Large sized manipulatives that help to demonstrate key concepts.


  • 1 Teacher Guide
  • 2 Anchor Charts
  • 120 Number Strings
  • 60 Math Talks
  • 1 Set of Picture/Dot Subitizing Basic Cards
  • 1 Set of Five/Ten/Double Ten-Frame Cards
  • 20-Bead Demonstration Rekenrek
  • Number Path Pocket Chart

Area of Focus: Math
SubjectSets, Kits, and Centers(Math)
Product TypeSets, Kits, and Centers(Math)
Item #IN90560
Availability:Usually Ships In 2 Weeks

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