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Giant Geometric Solids, Set of 10

Oversized geometric shapes are perfect for student explorations and teacher demonstration

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Item IN41857 | Grades K-5
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Allow students to take a deep dive and understand geometric shapes in 3D with large GeoSolids set. By filling the shapes with solids or liquids, children gain a greater understanding of geometry, volume, and mass.


  • Shapes include cone, cylinder, cube, rectangular prism, square pyramid, hexagonal pyramid, triangular pyramid, hexagonal prism, triangular prism, and 2 hemispheres
  • Shapes are made of clear, durable plastic
  • Base of each shape is colored
  • Shapes share a common base size of 15 cm. (5.9 inches)


  • Set of 10 geometric shapes

BrandLearning Resources
Area of Focus: Math
Product TypeManipulatives (Math)
Item #IN41857