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Math Tasks Base Ten Blocks Classroom Kit, Grades K-2

Challenge students and maximize the use of Base Ten Blocks with our Math Tasks Base Ten Blocks Classroom Kit!

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Item IN86630 | Grades K-2
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Our K-2 Base Ten Blocks Classroom Bundle includes everything you need to challenge students and maximize the use of Base Ten Blocks. Bundle includes a Base Ten Blocks Teacher Guide, a Base Ten Blocks classroom kit, 8 Math Cooperation Mats, and a year-long Base Ten Blocks virtual manipulative subscription. Bundle makes it easy to incorporate Base Ten Blocks into math activities in meaningful ways that help students grasp concepts with greater ease and apply this conceptual understanding to real-world tasks and challenges. Lessons teach perseverance that will benefit K-2 students in solving other math problems using other manipulatives and connect to the core of mathematics learning that is important to every K–6 student.

Learn more about Math Tasks.


  • 18 Teacher guide activities that model concrete representations of abstract mathematical concepts
  • Teacher support that provides in-depth discussions of mathematical content and critical thinking
  • Easy-to-use resources that offer classroom–tested lesson plans targeting the big ideas of math
  • 8 Math Cooperation Mats that allow students to work collaboratively on a task
  • The mats provide a checklist of the problem-solving process
  • Base Ten Blocks classroom kit of manipulatives in a durable, easy-to-clean plastic tote


Teacher Guide

Teacher Guide - Features 18 rich tasks that teach content and practice standards using the most common manipulatives.

Manipulative Kit

Manipulative Classroom Kit - Manipulatives help students grasp concepts with greater ease. Enough manipulatives for the whole class.

Cooperation Mat

Math Cooperation Mat - Allow students to work collaboratively on a task. The mats remind the students of the problem-solving process.

Virtual Manipulative

Virtual Manipulative - Connect concrete and visual representations with virtual manipulatives. A year-long Pattern Blocks virtual manipulative subscription.


Math Tasks Base Ten Blocks Book, Grades K-2: Challenge Match View Sample Lesson


  • Teacher resource book
  • Manipulative kit
  • FREE Base Ten Blocks virtual manipulative subscription
  • 8 Math cooperation mats

Area of Focus: Math
Product TypeManipulatives(Math)
Item #IN86630
Availability:Usually Ships In 2 Weeks

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