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STEM in Action® Food Deserts Challenge

Life Science: Plants Build understanding of the needs of living things

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Item IN79815 | Grades 3-5
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Students explore their own dietary needs and how to grow fresh produce without soil. By using critical thinking, communication, and collaboration to design systems for growing fresh produce, students prepare for essential skills of the 21st century. Students work through the Engineering Design Process – to learn the value of rethinking and supporting multiple solutions.

STEM in Action® modules are the easy-to-implement PreK-5 solution for integrating science, math, literacy, and engineering skills into real-world problems. These modules focus on the Engineering Design Practice which is a critical component of NGSS, state standards, and national initiatives. The materials are teacher friendly and all come in an easy-to-store box.

STEM in Action is endorsed as Accomplished in the national STEMworks database.


  • Total of 150-300 minutes of instruction time broken into 30-60 minute blocks
  • All materials for up to 30 students to participate in a collaborative activity
  • Aligned and written to standards
  • Helpful how-to video


5-LS1-1: Support an argument that plants get the materials they need for growth chiefly from air and water.



  • Student Activity Books (6)
  • Teacher Guide with blackline masters
  • Grow light fixture, stand, and light bulb
  • Aquarium pump, gang-style valve, airline tubing, and airstones
  • Classroom scale
  • Substrates: Gravel, Perlite, Vermiculite
  • Plastic tubs, cups, spoons, and droppers
  • Lettuce seeds, fiberglass screen, pH paper, and hydroponic nutrient
  • Graduated cylinders, funnels, measuring cups, and measuring tablespoons
  • Paper cups, 3 oz and 1 oz
  • Baking soda, vinegar, cotton balls, coffee filters, and foam plates
  • Rubber bands, masking tape, and zip-top bags

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BrandHands-On Standards® STEM in Action
Area of Focus: Science
SubjectLife Science(Science)
Product TypeKits & Centers (Science)
Item #IN79815
Availability:Usually Ships In 2 Weeks

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