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The PocketLab One Digital Sensor

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Item IN85440 | Grades 3-12
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PocketLab is a science lab that fits in the palm of your hand. PocketLab connects with a single button to a smart phone, tablet, Chromebook, or computer and instantly streams data that you can see and record. Using the PocketLab app, you can easily analyze your data, create graphs, and integrate your data with other software. PocketLab has the same features as lab equipment that costs thousands of dollars but is low cost and intuitive to use.

PocketLab measures:

  • Motion
  • Acceleration
  • Angular velocity
  • Magnetic field
  • Pressure
  • Altitude
  • Temperature


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Extend the use of your PocketLab with Exclusive hand2mind Hands-On Kits!
Buy all 4 and have all the labs you need for the year!

  • PocketLab Force and Motion Kit: students explore the most fundamental principles of physical science through classic investigations with pendulums, engineering crash cushions, and more.
  • PocketLab Pressure and Reactions Kit:students explore fundamentals of physics and chemistry like Boyle's Law and the Ideal Gas Law, or the difference between physical and chemical reactions.
  • PocketLab Energy and Velocity Kit: students explore the relationships between position, velocity, and acceleration; engineer roller coasters while measuring the changes in potential and kinetic energy; and design and test rubber band race cars to meet specific challenges.
  • PocketLab Electromagnetism Kit:students explore the connection between electricity and magnetic fields and create their own investigations to see how invisible forces can act on objects at a distance.


  • 1 PocketLab sensor
  • Free downloads of Pocketlab and VelocityLab apps
  • More than 40 downloadable science projects and activities that use PocketLab

Area of Focus: Science
SubjectLab Supplies(Science)
Product TypeDigital & Multimedia (Science), Lab Supplies & Resources (Science)
Item #IN85440