Hands-on Learning Boosts SOCIAL

hand2mind products enable Social Emotional Learning

  1. Program centers foster collaboration and help build relationships among students.
  2. Encourage student-centered learning and choice by offering a variety of activity options.
  3. Integrate opportunities for self-evaluation.
  4. Frequent opportunities to practice skills and concepts build confidence.
  5. Program activities create opportunities for flexible grouping and seating in classrooms.

hand2mind enables social emotional learning

  • Provide students with checklists and rubrics for projects to encourage student ownership of work.
  • Allow students to self-evaluate through regular journaling prompts.
  • Set personal goals.
  • Acknowledge issues and work to address them with students.
  • Regularly use estimations and prediction to help students gauge his or her ability to complete a task.
  • Develop a "Classroom Culture" chart with students that establishes ways to communicate, listen to others, apologize, share, etc.
  • Regularly engage with parents and families and find ways to bring them into your activities and projects.
  • Help students identify verbal and nonverbal cues and display those cues for reference.
  • Pair confident students with those that are shy. Pair introverted students with extroverted students and provide opportunities to work with different partners.
  • Offer a variety of options for activities and assignments so students have the power to choose how they wish to complete.

Social Emotional Learning in 50 States

  • Preschool SEL standards only.
  • Preschool and early elementary SEL estandards.
  • Preschool and K-12 SEL standars.

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